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Integrity – Safety – Quality – Efficiency – Transparency

TAP Industrial Services will work diligently to ensure you receive the best value, safety-conscious project management, and attentive service. Each client matters. We are a company focused on exceptional, effective quality and providing each client a first-rate experience.

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The TAP scaffold team is qualified and dedicated to provide safe, first-class scaffolding exceeding industry standards.


Industrial Coatings

TAP offers expertise in large-scale painting and tank lining projects including lead mitigation when required.


Insulation (Permanent)

TAP insulators take pride in delivering a job that is good looking, long lasting, and performs efficiently.


Insulation (Removable / Reusable)

TAP craftsmen measure and create reusable insulation shapes that look great and provide long service life.


Tank Lining Services

TAP Industrial Services offers expert installation, repair, and replacement of sprayed application tank linings.