Safety and Quality:

What is the minimum safety training provided by TAP to their employees?
All employees receive a minimum 8 hours basic safety training and special procedures training when required.
What personal protective equipment is required to be used or available to all TAP workers?
Hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe boots, gloves, fire retardant clothing if required in facility.
Does TAP have a written policy for confined space entry by their employees?
Yes and employees must be trained before working on or entering a confined space project.
Does TAP require documented daily pre-work inspection of all scaffolds, lifts, and other equipment which involves a safety element?
Does TAP require a supervisor or team leader to be present at all jobs during work hours?
Yes, at a minimum there will be a lead man.
Who inspects and certifies as complete the scaffolds built by TAP?
Competent trained employees
Does TAP charge for time spent by their employees to receive safety training required by customers?
No, unless there is a special training request from the customer.
Does TAP offer testing services for their installed tank linings?
Does TAP require all employees to be capable of conversational English language?

Doing Business with TAP:

What is the best way to get started as a new customer with TAP?
Call our home office and talk to one of our managers or send us an email.
Will TAP prepare a written scope of work with their quotes?
Yes, many facilities already have a scope of work.
What liability insurance is normally provided by TAP?
Commercial general liability, auto liability, and workers compenstation.
Can TAP be contacted off-hours for emergency jobs?
What are TAP’s payment terms for labor and materials under lump sum quotes?
Payment terms are negotiated with each customer.
Does TAP of offer any warranty for paint projects?
1 year.
Does TAP provide contract maintenance employees for full time positions at customer locations?
What is the typical wait time for scaffold build/removal by TAP?
Depending on the size of the scaffold, we can mobilize within 4hrs-24hrs.
Does TAP offer materials including primer, paint, sand, insulation, and other items when requested?