Removable-Reusable Insulation

TAPInsulation(Removable)EndCovers(800X533)Removable-Reusable insulation is used widely in the petrochemical industry and smaller commercial locations as a better choice than traditional permanent insulation. It is especially valuable in covering hot or cold systems that require access for inspections or frequent maintenance. TAP is a good choice as we provide a complete service including measurement, design, manufacture, installation, and repair for your system.

What is Removable-Reusable Insulation?

  • Often called insulation “blankets” or “shapes”.
  • Custom designed to insulate a specific hardware shape.
  • Multiple pieces are combined by lacing, Velcro:tm:, or other fasteners, to result in a complete insulated system.
  • The insulation pieces consist of inner and outer skin or coated fiberglass with an inner core of flexible insulating material.
  • Thickness of the removable-replaceable insulation varies depending on temperature of the system to be insulated.

Why use Removable-Reusable Insulation?

  • Allows immediate access to covered hardware and instruments.
  • Long term cost savings when access to the insulated system is frequent.
  • Allows immediate replacement of insulation and startup of the system with no concern about temperature control and personnel safety.
  • Damaged or contaminated pieces (blankets) may be easily replaced or repaired.
  • Replacement pieces may be ordered directly from TAP for direct shipment or delivery and installation.
  • Exterior cleaning without damage is possible in most cases.
  • Re-installation service is immediately available from TAP when required.
  • Process temperatures may be stabilized against weather changes.
  • Process energy efficiency may improve by covering frequently accessed surfaces.

Ordering and Fulfillment Process for Removable-Reusable Insulation:

  • Contact TAP for a site visit and a quote.
  • TAP experts obtain detailed measurements for the new installation.
  • TAP manufactures the entire package at their local shop.
  • TAP delivers and installs the new insulation system to customer satisfaction.